Religion ‘linked to happy life’

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I found this article on the BBC News website and figured I should present my opinion on it for some reason. Quotes from the article are in bold followed by my response to them underneath.


A belief in God could lead to a more contented life, research suggests.

Hang on… I thought it said Religion was possibly linked to a happy life in the title, nothing about god. This starts the article off on a very bad note as it makes it seem as if the writer has jumped to the conclusion that religion is belief in god or a god when there are many religions that involve no god or gods at all.

Religious people are better able to cope with shocks such as losing a job or divorce, claims the study presented to a Royal Economic Society conference.

Thats probably right in a lot of cases, but similar, greater, affects can be achieved by practicing belief in yourself. Why kid yourself into believing you have an invisible father figure that you must love and fear and regulate yourself by? Practice self-belief and self-control, don’t be an nutcase.

Data from thousands of Europeans revealed higher levels of “life satisfaction” in believers.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be happy genuinely and because of succeeding in things in my life than because of belief in an uncertain, and likely fabricated, entity.

Professor Clark said: “We originally started the research to work out why some European countries had more generous unemployment benefits than others, but our analysis suggested that religious people suffered less psychological harm from unemployment than the non-religious. “They had higher levels of life satisfaction”.

Thats because they kid themselves along that a false being is there for them to fall back on, if they believed in themselves instead then the same result could be achieved.

“What we found was that religious people were experiencing current day rewards, rather than storing them up for the future.”

Fuck that, false current day rewards that mean absolutely nothing more like. Believing in yourself reaps much better rewards than god or any imaginary friend could ever offer you.

However, he said that the nature of the surveys used meant that undetected factors, perhaps in the lifestyle or upbringing of religious people, such as stable family life and relationships, could be the cause of this increased satisfaction. He said that the benefit might stem from the increased “purpose of life” felt by believers.

Make your own purpose in life. Don’t follow a false one, aka don’t be a tard!

He said: “These findings are consistent with other studies which suggest that religion does have a positive effect, although there are other views which say that religion can lead to self-doubt, and failure, and thereby have a negative effect.

Religion can be whatever you want it to be, its just a another word for a priviledged opinion that you can’t insult without being called discriminant.


Lordi fucking suck! And so do dumbass religious leaders who know fuck all…….

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Its obvious when you look at the band Lordi that they are a bunch of fucking hypocritical retards with no real talent, they try to do metal but they attempt to merge it with gospel music and make it sound cool, I fucking hate them.
They look like retarded fucks and they are exactly that, fucking retarded fucks.

A disgrace to the face of metal and the face of the human race.
And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse some dumbass religious fuck leaders come along and put forward their knowledgeless fuckassed opinion:
“Finnish religious leaders warned that the Freddy Krueger look-alikes could inspire Satanic worship.”
This is only true if you define satantic worship as dressing up like a complete idiot and singing about how the devil is a loser, if they are so all anti-satanic and shit then why the fuck do they dedicate some of their time to singing about satan? Surely it would be more beneficial to sing about the glory of their own religious symbols rather than a common embodiement or representation of negativity that is also used in positivity in other places. Lordi are fucked up. They should die.
The END!

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Cheddar Man in *Cheddar Mission Extreme!* (edited)

Me hunting cheddar like I do best.

Hello world!

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Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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I will survive (Jesus Version)

LMAO this is fucking hilarious!


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Apparently MI5 believes, from polls, that around 400,000 people in the UK are “sympathetic to violent jihad around the world”

Well isn’t that fucking fantastic? I wonder where all these fucking happy jihad-head retarded fucks came from………… hmmm 400,000 people can’t just appear out of nowhere ah yes thanks to our “immigration control” im guessing. Haha this is fucking hilarious! Its almost as stupid as giving money to LiveAid or any other dumb unpatriotic charity especially if you are only lower/middle class……….but thats another story, I’ll inform you on my views on helping Africa when I can be fucked to. Thank you for your co-operation. I am not a fucking racist and if you think I am then you can fuck yourself sideways, backwards and go slitrip yourself, Well anyway, have a fun fucking day!

Long Time No Post

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Hey there fascinated readers (detect the sarcasm?) I decided to post an entry since I haven’t done so in quite a while. Well anyway put simply I still hate myself with a great passion and I am slowly drifting into an endless pit of damnation. A darkened abyss awaits me. I long to fall into it now as the wait is putting strain on my already tortured soul. The blade is the shortcut, the air is the slow-acting poison.