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Lordi fucking suck! And so do dumbass religious leaders who know fuck all…….

Posted in Uncategorized on February 20, 2007 by justextreme
Its obvious when you look at the band Lordi that they are a bunch of fucking hypocritical retards with no real talent, they try to do metal but they attempt to merge it with gospel music and make it sound cool, I fucking hate them.
They look like retarded fucks and they are exactly that, fucking retarded fucks.

A disgrace to the face of metal and the face of the human race.
And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse some dumbass religious fuck leaders come along and put forward their knowledgeless fuckassed opinion:
“Finnish religious leaders warned that the Freddy Krueger look-alikes could inspire Satanic worship.”
This is only true if you define satantic worship as dressing up like a complete idiot and singing about how the devil is a loser, if they are so all anti-satanic and shit then why the fuck do they dedicate some of their time to singing about satan? Surely it would be more beneficial to sing about the glory of their own religious symbols rather than a common embodiement or representation of negativity that is also used in positivity in other places. Lordi are fucked up. They should die.
The END!