I hate myself

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I officially hate myself, it’s been proven by me.


Wonder Showzen is great!

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I just thought I’d share with you the fun fact that Wonder Showzen is a great program and is not to be missed, search for it on Google video as I cannot be fuckety fuck fucked to post a link.

Death is upon us

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If you are reading this then death has been thrust upon me and I am now as a result of this, dead.

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Greetings visitors, sorry I couldn’t be bothered to explain in the end, well anyway heres a random thing I recorded when I was pissed off yesterday.


13-03-2006 Entry (I didn’t feel f**king creative, ok?)

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Greetings vistors, I took it upon myself to post an entry as I haven’t posted anything since my first post on 10th February which, to be honest was totally random rubbish, well you can’t blame a guy for being happy about finding the girl of his dreams can you? Well you will be pleased to hear that everything positive that existed has inverted itself since then and as a result of a demented and seriously screwed up series of events you will be extremely pleased to hear that I have transformed into one seriously f**ked up crazy psychopathic maniacal sadistic self-hating “loner-loser”. Failure now appears to be the only open pathway to me and it seems as though I am destined to become one of those people who everyone had so much hope and belief for in earlier times only to forge myself into the total opposite of their expectations and send all of their well-intentioned wishfulness and hopefulness into an endless abyss of anally-concieved hell and to a land where the eternal stench of burning dark caverns of sh*t, lit by a flame that shines brighter than the infinite happiness-filled shores of heaven, is all that remains as a symbolic influence to its inhuman unnatural inhabitants for they know no love or joy or any other positive emotional force or feeling, no hope is felt among or within them, and much like them, I have no hope within me either, all that remains left is negativity, its uncertain path unknown to me and others who have not yet completely followed it and or been absorbed by it. Proverbial and fictional as the afformentioned locations may be they each serve the purpose of portraying my thoughts and feelings at this moment.

Visitors, I apologise for ranting but please understand me here and hear me out (or read me out to be more correct if you really give a sh*t about the way I decide to put things the f**k forward you f**king a**holes), this is a blog, blogs are well known to contain ranting and there is no specific rules on what a blog may actually contain. If you don’t like what I’m writing then why don’t you leave comment? At least then I can reply personally to your thoughts and tell you to go f**k yourself (if appropriate of course, by all means). Well thats enough for the 13th, its now the 14th, I shall continue to edit this post when I have arisen from the evil lair that is my room and mentally driven my forsaken mind and behind to college (woo mind and behind rhyme! take that motherf**kers!!!!!!!! I WIN!!!!!!!). Wow its the 14th, a month since something I’ll tell you about when I am at college and have woken up (I may be at college early but that does not mean that I am awake so I may take a while, who cares anyway?).


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This is a test to see if the blog is operating correctly, if you can read this you will now jump off a large tall building and have a fun day.